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Hello and thanks for dropping by!

Originally, I started this website as a place to write about writing … way back in November 2017. Wow, where does the time go?  In the end I did do more writing, just not on my website.

Over the intervening years, I got back into art (among other creative pursuits) and more recently I decided that I would revitalize this space and make it about my creativity in general.  Going forward, you can expect to see some updates on writing projects, lots of art, some tasty recipes and probably the odd cat picture as well. In other words, a smorgasbord of my creativity in the widest sense.

But first, a few words about me …

I was born in the seaside town of Kirkcaldy and raised a stone throw from the East Coast of Central Scotland. Aside from art, I have always been fascinated by the strange and the paranormal so you can expect a good measure of mystique, magic and mystery in this space as well. Anything otherworldly sparks my imagination and draws my curiosity.  Lucky for me, the local history of where I grew up is steeped with gory stories of witchcraft and sorcery and so I have lots to draw from.

In October 2007, I emigrated from Scotland to Edmonton, Alberta in the prairies of Canada where I lived with my husband and cuddly black cat for six years until relocating to the West Coast of British Columbia in the summer of 2013.

Sadly, our beloved Sheba passed away in February 2019. I was heartbroken and it took me a long time to ‘adjust’, as I’m sure the cat lovers among you will understand. Sheba was the inspiration for a magical story I had been writing called “The Witches Familiar” which you can read about here.

Just over a year later, my husband and I rescued two beautiful and boisterous cats in March 2020 who we named Lady Lola (black parlour panther) and Rascal Roxi (smokey grey) and the feline mischief in our house returned.  Having the energy of two young fur babies around me has also rekindled the muse and I have once again picked up my pen for The Witches Familiar.

Rascal Roxi & Lady Lola