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Enter the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year - Enter the Year of the Tiger! Happy Lunar New Year everyone or “Gung hay fat choy” which means congratulations and be prosperous in Cantonese. But it's not just Chinese New Year on February 1st this year, it's also known as Spring Festival, Lunar New Year and the New Moon Festival… Continue reading Enter the Tiger


Ode to an Outlander Living in Canada

I'm sure Outlander's Head Cook Mrs Fitzgibbons would be impressed by my homemade Pigeon Rolls and Scotch Eggs! Around this time of year, just before Rabbie Burns Day on January 25th, I tend to think about hearty Scottish fare. Possibly that's because it's usually still cold at this time of year but more likely its… Continue reading Ode to an Outlander Living in Canada


Christmas Croquettes

Getting ready for the Christmas feast tomorrow! This is a great recipe if you want to use up leftover mash potato but I made a huge pot of mash potato today on purpose so that I could have a go at making croquettes ahead of time for Christmas dinner tomorrow. For the regular mash potato… Continue reading Christmas Croquettes


Mulled Cider with Fireball Whisky

Time to warm up with some Festive Cheer! Oh the weather outside may be frightful ... but the festive cocktails inside can be quite delightful!  Who doesn't want to warm themselves up with some festive cheer? There are so many festive cocktails to be had.  Last year I made a different cocktail pretty much every… Continue reading Mulled Cider with Fireball Whisky


Festive Cranberry Gin & Spicy Cranberry Sauce

Time to bottle my Festive Cranberry Gin Liqueur! I love making liqueurs and regularly have a batch or two of different flavours on the go!  For Christmas time I like to make Cranberry Gin Liqueur.  It's really simple to make and so delicious. I made this batch on Halloween and put it away for two… Continue reading Festive Cranberry Gin & Spicy Cranberry Sauce